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Will My Staff Object to the Weekly Debrief Concept?

Some teams will immediately see the benefits of Weekly Debrief whereas other teams, or members of those teams, will see it as just another unnecessary piece of electronic paperwork to deal with.

The reality is that the benefits to team members are huge and once they experience those benefits they are far more likely to buy-in to the technique over the long-term.

Chapter 3 in the Weekly Debrief White Paper covers ‘The 7 Benefit for Staff’ in some detail, but just to recap here’s the list again:

  • Stops pestering and lets people get on with their jobs
  • Demonstrates that you care about what they are doing
  • Prevents arguments later down the line (e.g. I told you I'd done that six weeks ago)
  • Makes staff focus on what they've done and what they're going to do
  • Chance to communicate successes (bragging rights)
  • Chance to communicate concerns
  • Lets boss know you're not shirking

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are powerful benefits that are well worth having, and so the better you can communicate them to your team the more confident you can be that your Weekly Debrief experience will be an amazing one.