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Why would I use Avatars rather than Photographs in my Status Reports?

If including photographs of your staff is difficult, either because of the nature of your business or the logistics of getting photographs of everyone, then you can make use of the Avatars that are included.

Try and find an Avatar that fits with the person. There are lots to choose from so you'll usually be able to find one that is appropriate.

The Avatars can also be a great alternative if you have a creative type of organisation. A lot of creative types love the idea of being represented by an Avatar, particularly if it is one that represents what they feel are important aspects of their personality.

Given the choice you are definitely best trying to use photographs of your staff, and it certainly adds a professional look to the reports that are generated, but if that's not possible then do make use of the Avatars as they will help add some personality to the entries and it is important that you feel some kind of connection with that member of your team when you are reading the reports they send in.