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Why is it Weekly and not Daily or Monthly?

Weekly reporting is the ideal time period for several reasons.

If the reports were to be submitted daily they would become a chore, and it wouldn’t be long before your team members stopped completing them. Also, few busy managers have the time to read through summary reports each and every day, and it is highly likely that not enough progress is made each day to warrant a status update.

Monthly reporting is problematic due to the lengthy time periods between each report. Many of the benefits from weekly reporting would be lost, such as ensuring people reflect on the most recent time period and the upcoming week. When the period is a month people have often forgotten what happened at the start of the month, and if they did have super-power memory, or kept copious notes throughout the month, the chances are that the entry they made would be of a considerable length, and would take a substantial amount of time to put together. This is neither ideal for the person submitting the report or the poor manager who has to wade through it.

A week is a perfect length of time as the summaries submitted can be short and to the point. What’s more, the information is still timely and relevant, and any praise can be provided at the appropriate time, as can any help that is required.