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What Can I Do to Ensure Staff Fill Out the Information Requests They Are Sent?

Getting staff into the habit of filling out their weekly information requests is crucial. The last thing you want to receive on a Monday morning, or whenever you choose to receive your Weekly Debrief report, is a report that is full of gaps.

To ensure you get the best completion rate possible there are several things you can do.

  1. Explain all of the benefits clearly to your team members when you first introduce Weekly Debrief. For a complete list of staff benefits see Chapter 3 of the Weekly Debrief White Paper.
  2. Edit the default mails that are sent out automatically by the system. See Chapter 5 of the Weekly Debrief White Paper for more information on what messages are sent and tips on how you can edit these to meet your specific needs.
  3. Make sure you read and act upon the Weekly Debrief reports you read as it is demotivating for staff to think there weekly summaries and next week lists are ending up in a black hole.
  4. Give praise whenever you can. If you see something in your Weekly Debrief that deserves a pat on the back, or a full blown round of applause, make sure to grab the opportunity with both hands. Not only will this fire up that member of staff, but it will help them to realize that the Weekly Debrief is not a case of ‘big brother is watching you’.
  5. Don’t give up! It’s easy to give up when you see a few entries have not been made, but if you stick at it your team will realize it isn’t going to go away, and they will eventually get into the habit.
  6. Insist on it. Many top project managers who extol the virtues of weekly reports would simply not tolerate a situation where staff did not complete their weekly status report.
  7. Be positive about the whole Weekly Debrief Technique. If team members feel it is a negative they won’t want to buy-into it, but if they realize the positive impact it can have on a team, and even the whole business, they will be far more likely to make sure they get their reports in.