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Should I use photos in my Weekly Status reports

It is not essential that you include photos of all your staff in the system, but there are are some great benefits that come from doing so.

Using the photos feature personalizes the report. It brings the reports to life and takes away the cold and clinicalness of just having text.

The photos are not really there to remind you of who is who, a good manager should know that. They are there to help you realize that the report is coming from a real person and any feeling or judgements you have are about a real person. This is very important.

When all you have to go on is a couple of paragraphs of text it is easy to focus on what's said in the text rather than combining what is said with the person who is saying it. That's where the photos come in.

Ideally, you should try to get photographs of your staff smiling as this adds a positivity to every report you read. It is hard to be too critical about something you read when there is a photograph of the person who wrote it smiling right next to the text.

It is an acknowledged fact that positivity is a key component in the success of a team, and having positive photographs of all of your staff perpetuates the positivity.

The photographs work particularly well when it comes to outsourced workers. By adding a photograph of Imran, your programmer in India, and Sally in your outsourced accounts department, they become real people and not just names and numbers on your payroll.</P>