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New online service gives teams a massive productivity boost

Research over the last decade has shown that businesses that require staff to complete brief weekly status reports are significantly more productive than those who don't.

MIAMI -- Feb. 21, 2011 -- A brand new online service called Weekly Debrief, takes this idea to a whole new level by completely automating the whole process in such a way that it makes the writing and submission of weekly status reports quick and easy, rather than tedious and time consuming.

'Our aim was to take the tried and tested concept of weekly status reports and reinvent it for the twenty-first century" says Paul Smithson, founder of Weekly Debrief.

'We know from our own experience what an amazingly effective tool weekly status reports are, but we wanted to make the whole system fully-automated by making good use of the technology that is available to us in today's world'.

Weekly Debrief is totally web-based, and there are plans to have accompanying apps for all the major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. The first of these to be released will be the iPhone and iPad apps, which are due out in Spring 2011.

'In todays frantic business world we felt it was crucial that managers could have instant access to weekly status reports whenever, and wherever they happened to be. With the Weekly Debrief system they can check on their teams progress in just a few seconds whilst enjoying a cappuccino, or whilst waiting in-line for a flight' says Paul Smithson.

In addition to the weekly status reporting features, there is also an extensive list of additional features such as the ability to broadcast a message to some, or all of your team, graphical trend analysis that helps you to understand who is submitting what and when, and the ability to customize when and how your team members will receive requests for information.

The Weekly Debrief system is currently available free of charge, so if you’d like to give your team, or even your whole business, a real productivity boost now is the ideal time. You can find out more by going to www.weeklydebrief.com.

About Weekly Debrief and Founder Paul Smithson

Weekly Debrief is founded by Paul Smithson, CEO and founder of Intellimon Ltd. Since graduating in business strategy and direct marketing from two of Europe's leading business schools, Smithson has established five multimillion-dollar companies, one of which is now owned by the BBC. His areas of expertise include business strategy, ecommerce, online and traditional marketing, software development and maximizing the potential of online businesses.

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