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Does Weekly Debrief Replace One-on-Ones with Staff?

One-on-One meetings with staff are a powerful and essential part of any good managers job and it is certainly one that Weekly Debrief should not be replacing.

Meeting with your staff on a regular basis is crucial to good communication and team moral. Where Weekly Debrief fits in is it provides a timely and highly effective weekly written dialogue that helps to keep team members focused on what they are doing. It encourages them, on a weekly basis, to reflect on the week just gone and it makes them pause to consider what they are planning to do over the coming week. This is VERY powerful stuff!

You will often find that the Weekly Debrief reports provide an excellent discussion point for one-on-one meetings. It is very easy for people to foget what they were doing just a few days ago, let alone weeks or months in the past. Weekly Debrief ensures there is a written record of their key-activity and you will find that this will act as a timely reminder for both yourself and the team member you are having the one-on-one with.