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Can I use Weekly Debrief in Conjunction with Annual Appraisals?


Weekly Debrief is an excellent way for a manager to be able to quickly go over the major work done by a team member prior to the annual appraisal. Both the online version and the iPhone and iPad versions will let you view all of the entries made by a particular team member over whatever period you choose. Indeed, this is one of the massive benefits that the Weekly Debrief system offers. In just a few seconds you can establish what any of your team members were doing on any particular week since you started using the system.

Being able to recap over exactly what a team member has done provides a level of information that is often lacking in annual appraisals. It is easy to overlook the wonderful work a person has done and to just focus on the most recent time period, but with Weekly Debrief you will have as much information about what they were doing at the start of the year as you do for the end of the year.